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Contact information for each program is listed below.

The Wellness Center at the Errera Community Care Center (ECCC) offers Veterans who receive services in the Mental Health Care Line a comprehensive range of wellness services including physical exercise (with medical clearance), nutritional counseling, weight control, stress reduction and various health psychology services. Located in the lower level of the ECCC, the Wellness Center is staffed by a Ph.D. Psychologist, a Registered Dietitian, and two Exercise Specialists, who work as a team to coordinate services which contribute to improving each Veteran's overall physical, nutritional and emotional wellness.  The Center is equipped with popular modern cardiovascular exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, treadmills, bicycle machines, a multi-gym trainer and a range of weights, which provide ample opportunities for strength training and conditioning. 

  The Center offers nutritional counseling for individuals who might want to lose weight or need to address disease states that may require dietary attention, such as diabetes or heart disease. 
Tracey  Pascarella, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, meets with Veterans individually to determine their specific needs and goals. These meetings ultimately lead to personalized nutritional programs and the ongoing counseling necessary to implement them.  Group classes covering a wide range of nutrition topics are held weekly. While weight loss is sometimes the goal of such counseling, the Veterans who visit the Errera Community Care Wellness Center have a broad range of other nutrition needs that can often be addressed.


Contact Information


Veterans are encouraged to visit the Wellness Center, meet the staff, discuss their goals, and request to participate in any or all of the ECCC Wellness Center programs. Program staff will then request a Consult from the Veteran’s primary care provider and determine if the Veteran meets the criteria to participate in the Wellness Center. Individual and group sessions are available by appointment only.

Exercise Programs:       

Craig Funaro, I.S.S.A., Certified Exercise Specialist - (203) 479-8081

William Trent, KT - (203) 479-8081

Nutritional Programs:  

Tracey Pascarella, RD,  Certified Diabetes Educator - (203) 479-8082 

Health Psychology Programs:

Alex Gonzales-Harsha, PsyD, Program Director - (203) 479-8083        


The Wellness Fitness Center offers physical exercise programs including cardiovascular exercise, movement to increase flexibility, and strength building through weight training.  Craig Funaro, I.S.S.A., Certified Exercise Specialist and William Trent, KT, meet with Veterans individually to develop a program to address each person's lifestyle, medical needs, physical capability, and long-term physical goals. Veterans are invited to train at the Fitness Center several times per week in half-hour or hour-long sessions, and they also work with Mr. Funaro or Mr. Trent to develop home exercise programs to follow between training sessions to further their fitness goals. Additional popular fitness programs include a weekly community bocce ball game in suitable weather and seasonal fitness initiatives, such as “Wellness 6000”, in which teams of Veterans compete for the number of fitness sessions attended.

Health Psychology

The Wellness Center also offers Health Psychology Counseling, which can include motivational coaching for improving health through diet and exercise, and evidence based cognitive behavioral treatment for smoking cessation, stress and pain management, and improving sleep. Mindfulness training is also offered both individually and in group, as well as group based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  These services are offered through individual and in group settings, and can include visits in the community. The Health Psychology programs are under the supervision of Alex Gonzales-Harsha, Psy.D., Program Director. 


Yoga for Chronic Pain

As part of our integrated health program, The Wellness Center offers an 8-week yoga program for veterans with chronic pain. This group is held on Monday afternoons and runs quarterly starting in January, April, July, and October. The program is designed to enhance current pain treatment. Each class include breathing exercises, yoga poses, meditation, as well as education in basic yoga teachings and pain management skills. Yoga has been proven to help manage chronic pain. This program is provided by Dana Cervone, APRN, Certified Yoga instructor.

Criteria for Program Participation


Veterans must abide by Wellness Center policies and regulations, have a mental health diagnosis and remain in regular treatment in the VA Connecticut Healthcare System Mental Health Care Line. Participation in physical exercise programs requires medical clearance. 


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 Update November 2019