VA Interprofessional Fellowship Program in PSR and Recovery Oriented Services - VA Connecticut Healthcare System (West Haven)

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The VA Connecticut Health Care System offers a one-year post-graduate fellowship in psychosocial rehabilitation based at the Errera Annex and the Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC). The PSR Fellowship provides advanced training to mental health professionals from various disciplines (chaplaincy, nursing, occupational therapy, psychiatry, psychology, and social work) over a year-long (full-time) commitment. Through the Errera programs, multidisciplinary mental health professionals provide an array of community based rehabilitative programs, including day and crisis intervention programs (for individuals struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders, homelessness, and/or aging), vocational programs, housing programs, homeless outreach and engagement, advocacy and clinical case management programs.  Fellows develop individualized projects with close mentoring from faculty; projects may include research in areas such as peer support, mental health service outcomes, and vocational and neurocognitive rehabilitation, the development of new clinical programs; and consultation with community partners. Many opportunities exist for participating in ongoing collaborative research and scholarly writing.  Applicants should have a strong interest in community mental health; Fellows will be undertaking innovative outcome based work and facilitating the transformation of the national VA mental health care system from its traditional, hospital-based system to an information driven, community-based system whose focus is on partnering with consumers within their natural environments. Fellows receive appointments from the Yale School of Medicine, our academic affiliate. 

Our Directors

Anne Klee, Ph.D., CPRP

Dir. PSR Fellowship and Peer Services
Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine
PI VA HSR&D, SWIFT Inclusion of Chaplains in Outpatient Primary Care
Div 18 APA Council Rep
President , CT Psych Association

Michelle Roberts, LCSW

Supervisor, Health Care for Reentry Veterans Programs DoT, SW Postgrad Training
Community Services Social Work Awardee
Professional Interests: Forensic Social Work and Jail Diversion

Joshua Bullock, Ph.D. 
Psychology Training Director, PSR Fellowship
VA Connecticut Local Recovery Coordinator
Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Recovery, SMI

The Fellowship Class 2020-2021

Michelle Humbert, MSW

Interest: Working adults and veterans with SMI in acute crisis setting, community intervention for mental health to promote social equity, exploring the connection between sexual health to quality of life and creating a therapeutic environment where people of color especially Black Americans are seen for their whole selves and not their trauma in mental healthcare 

Career Goals: To disrupt societal norms of treating and caring for humans and break the mold of cultural stigmas

Christopher Misagal, Psy.D.
Primary Rotation: Mental Health Intensive Case Management
Professional Interests: Psychosis Serious Mental Illness, Recovery Oriented Care, Addressing Stigma, Enhancing Care and Quality of Life of People with Serious Mental Illness

Marissa Rodriguez.LMSW

Critical Time Intervention (CTI)
Professional Interests: Acute Clinical Care, care coordination, and case management for veterans with SMI. Additionally , research around mental health stigma/self stigma as a barrier to accessing care among OEF/OIF veterans. 
Member of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Joel Wyett, Ph.D.

Primary Rotation: Wellness Center
Professional Interest: PTSD and Serious Mental Illness (SMI), Creating an affirming environment for LGBT+Veterans, active bystander engagement to disrupt discrimination, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches to mental health. 


For more information on application process and deadlines, training opportunities:
Anne Klee, Ph.D.; (203) 640-1727