Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team

The Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (H-PACT) is a primary care clinic located in the Errera Community Care Center (ECCC). H-PACT was started to provide medical care to homeless Veterans who do not have a primary care doctor.

We are a team of specialists that offer outreach, exams, treatment, referrals, and case management in a welcoming and caring environment to Veterans who are struggling with homelessness.

The key feature of our program is increased walk in access to medical care located at ECCC where other VA Connecticut resources for Veterans exist.

The H-PACT Team. Photo by Barry Walter Braman

About Our Team Members

Our clinicians are Dr. David Rosenthal and Nurse Practitioner Sarah Lipkin APRN. They work with Veterans to figure out what their health goals are and to come up with a health plan. They will do a complete physical assessment, order medical tests, prescribe medications if needed, and work with you to keep up and improve your health. Their favorite part about H-PACT is the opportunity to meet and help Veterans who need a helping hand.

Our nurse Natalie Pawlowski. She is responsible for the taking of vital signs, completing reminders, and assessing health needs.
Our nurse care manager Chaya Sarah Naiditch works with Veterans to stay healthy and manage medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. She likes to make sure that everyone is up to date on their vaccines and medical tests. She really enjoys meeting and working with all the Veterans and staff at ECCC. Her favorite part about H-PACT is having the privilege to hear about Veterans’ service experience and personal lives.

We also have wonderful peer specialist, Cheryl Eberg MSW, on our team. She is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, and is now retired as a Master Sergeant after serving 28 Years in the United States Army/National Guard. She not only has her Patient Navigation Certificate from Gateway Community College, but she also has her Masters in Social Work degree. She helps the Veterans in our clinic apply for different social service programs and acts as a liaison when a Veteran needs help navigating programs within and outside the VA. She really appreciates being a part of H-PACT as it allows her to really assist veterans in need.

We are thankful to Howard Sacks and Barry Braman for taking the time to interview us and ask us about our clinic

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