Libraries As Resources For Veterans

Interview by Howard Sak, Photos by Barry Braman

The library can be a valuable resource for Veterans. Howard Saks and Barry Braman went to the New Haven Free public library on Friday October 5, 2012 and spoke with the Librarian, Mr. Seth Godfrey. The photographs in this story were taken by Barry Braman. 

The library is located at 133 Elm Street New Haven, Ct 06510, telephone 203 946 8130. There is also a library in Westville, the Mitchell Branch  Library, located at 37 Harrison street New Haven, Ct. 06515, Telephone 203 946 8117.  You might say the New Haven Free Public Library opened its fifth branch, one that never closes and allows you to be as loud as you want.  It’s the library’s new website,

The following is a transcript of that interview. 

Howard: What kind of resources do you have at the library for veteran's?

Seth: We have job resources available, Computers, Audio Visual aids, Books, Language lessons on tape, as well as job skill and non-profit development material.

Howard: Are there any special events for Vets?

Seth: Yes, we have had a Veterans Day Display during Veterans Day.

Howard: What is required for a Veteran to use a Computer and or other services the library offers?

Seth: A valid library card from West Haven Library or any library. 

Howard: Is there any meeting place at this library where Veterans can hold a Vet-To-Vet meeting or any self-support meeting 1 day a week?

Seth:  Yes - This branch has a fee of 25.00 for a two-hour time slot for a meeting room. Westville branch has free meeting space available. 

Howard: Can veterans from the Errera Community Care Center hold a National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Connection meeting here once a week and or once every 2 weeks?

Seth: Yes, with a $25.00 fee for 2 hours (at West Haven) or a free meeting space is available at the Westville branch.

Howard: Do you have any concerns for returning Afghanistan and Iraq combat veterans?

Seth: There is not enough being done for them and the homeless veterans included.

Howard: Will this library allow Veterans to Volunteer any services that may contribute to the library that may benefit returning current veterans?

Seth: Yes of course it will.

Howard: Can the Errera Community Care Center bring veterans here from one of their groups on a field trip, to use the library resources and to show them what is available in the New Haven library system. 

Seth: Yes they are absolutely welcome anytime during library open hours.

Howard: Thank you for your time and this interview.

Seth: you are welcome. 

Howard Sak interviewing Seth Godfrey

Photograph by Barry Braman