An Interview of Paula Sievers

Author of “A BIPOLAR’S SONG”

Interviewer: Howard Sak

 Q. Where were were you born?

A.   Los Angeles Ca.  I lived there with my family and twin sister then moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Q. Where did you attend College? 

A.   I Attended Northwestern and The University of Puget Sound,          Washington State

Q. What books have you authored?

A. I have authored three books:

1. Blessed Memoirs of a early age Grade 2 through 8th grade,


3. And my last Novel - A Familiar Stranger- Jesus coming to visit

Q. Are you associated with NAMI?

A. Yes I am a member of The National Alliance of Mental Illness

Q. How is your life today ? 

A. Excellent and I am in good Health

Paula has been a homemaker and mother for 25 years. She lost her husband of 31 years in 2009. She is a writer and speaks for The National Alliance of Mental Illness to educate the public in a attempt to decrease the stigma attached to this disease.  She resides in Connecticut near her two daughters. 

Paula Sievers

Howard Saks, Paula Sievers, Barry Braman (L to R)

Photos by Barry Braman