An Interview of Candace L. True, NAMI Connections Trainer

Interview Howard Sak 10/25/2012

Howard – Candace, how has this training been for you today ?

Candace - This has been a rewarding experience. Watching you learn is important to me and I have total faith in all of you as Facilitator's. 

Howard - How long have you been a NAMI Facilitator?

Candace - I have been a facilitator since 2008.

Howard - How long have been involved with NAMI training ?

Candace - I have been training Veterans and people to be Facilitators since 2009. 

Howard - Are you active member of NAMI ?

Candace - Yes I have been a member since 2002.


Howard - How did you first become associated with NAMI ?

Candace - I was looking for Alcoholic Anonymous info when I found a NAMI for Mental Health listing in a newspaper.


Howard - Is there any advice you can give to me so I can be a good NAMI Facilitator ?

Candace - Yes, I  Suggest that you stand up at times  and have good eye contact with the people in the room.

Photo by Barry Braman 

Facilitator Certification group front, left to right, to rear left to right: Rich Avellino (sarge), Jeremiah Louis, Misty Iannone, Emil Nauroth, Fred Murphy, Candace L. True -(Dog in lap Ozzie), Howard Saks, Abdul -Ali Muhamf, Andrea Melizzi, Ray Spurr, Paul Moore, Frank Sumohanose, Mark Malurin, Bob Correll, Fefrain Reyes, Leighton Morris. Not in photo but received Certification. Barry W. Braman.