CTI Critical Time Intervention

114-152 Boston Post Road, 1st Floor, West Haven, CT 06516 Tel: (203) 932-5711 x1344

What is CTI?

Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a program that is designed to assist Veterans who are homeless and have serious mental illness (SMI) secure stable housing and reintegrate into the community.  CTI offers intensive case management services in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, medication management, money management, substance abuse treatment, social support groups, vocational resources, permanent housing, and family interventions.  CTI is a time limited intervention, lasting a minimum of nine months and up to one year.

CTI Goals

The primary goal of CTI is to help homeless veterans who suffer from serious mental illness obtain and keep appropriate permanent housing by increasing support when an individual first moves to more independent housing.  This includes assistance around connecting with appropriate resources and developing community supports.  

Program Information

The CTI program is for Veterans who are homeless and have a diagnosis of serious mental illness.   Once a Veteran has been accepted into the CTI program the CTI staff will assume primary psychiatric care for the duration of program involvement (avg. 1 year).   During this period enhanced services will be provided around housing needs, financial stability, supportive counseling, and medication management.  Once a Veteran has completed approximately one year in the CTI program a discussion and plan for transfer back to standard VA services (usually the mental hygiene clinic) will take place.  Once a Veteran is transferred back to standard VA services they will no longer receive VA CTI services.

Entry Criteria

1)     Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization at time of referral and/or receiving services from the HPACT program.

2)     History of a serious mental illness.

3)     Homelessness or be at immediate risk for homelessness.

4)     Express the availability and willingness to participate in a case management program for at least one year within the 30 min/30 mile radius of West Haven  area.

Exclusion Criteria

1)     Primary diagnosis of substance abuse

2)     Diagnosis of organic brain syndrome

3)     Already participating in an enhanced community-based case management program. 

4)     Veterans who live greater than approximately 30 minute travel time from the VA CT’s West Haven campus.

5)     Veterans who have a history of significant violence.

6)   Intensive case management model is contraindicated


How to Contact CTI

The CTI offices are located at the VA Connecticut’s Errera Community Care Center for Homeless Services.  VA CTI staff can be reached at (203) 932 5711 x1344 between the hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays).  If you call after 4:30pm, on weekends and/or holidays, leave a message and someone will get back to you the first returning business day.  


CTI Staff -  Matt Abbott, Theddeus Iheanacho, Renee-Luneau Sheckfee, Julie Amann, Maxine Barela, Jamie Silverberg

Phone Numbers of Interest:

VA Connecticut Patient Advocate:

203-932-5711 x 3300, 5663 or 3887 

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